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Whoops let's get that layout reaction off the front.

Late December and January have been very busy for me. I went to TWO cons in a row and wow I am exhausted but it was super fun.

The first weekend of January I went to Newcon PDX! It was in a new location this year, moving to the Double Tree Hotel at the Lloyd Center. Thank god. That old place was much too cramped.
This was my 3rd year going (and it was it's 3rd year period) and I must say that, though last year was... bad... this year was a big step in a better direction. I feel there is potential in this con, and I hope to see it grow, but they need to change a few things.

One of which is they desperately need a different layout designer. Last yeah was HORRENDOUS and cramped in the little hotel, but this year, in the room a little more than twice that size, we were still obnoxiously cramped. That could have been forgiven, as it was less cramped than last year, if it wasn't for my row.

We were FACING a WALL.

A lovely Hilda who stopped by my booth. As you can see, there is the wall. Not a lot of room, either.

It was SO hard to take a picture of my booth.

That was terrible. We were the only ones in the entire hall that were like that and my neighbors and I are certain it effected sales. It was in a bad position to the entrance too, where people would overlook our aisle and head down the next one that was more naturally in front of them, so we ended up pretty hidden compared to everyone else.

Not to mention something weird with the fire marshal happened with the vendors and they had to move twice. They seriously need a new layout coordinator. Like badly.

Other than that it went much much better than previous years! I had a lot of fun and met several cool people. I made my sales goal and will go back next year.

Then just last weekend I went to Wizard World Portland Comic Con! It was the first time I had ever been there and wow it was fun! Seemed to go by in a flash though. :'C

I shared a table with my good friend Nori (Popcrimes!) which is always super fun!

Our booth! (featuring Nori and her brother) It was experimental with the pipes and took a billion years to set up because we were unfamiliar with them but our next set up will look much nicer/less cramped in the head room area next time!

I'll need to make WAY more pokemon valentines next time. I only made a few sheets as an experiment but they sold out the first day. @^@;; Good lord.

The weekend was super fun and I got to talk to people I've only known from tumblr and it was just generally super awesome! I got some cool things for myself too~

Sushi plush from Mel Paradise!!! Bathbombs from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary!!! A bunch of buttons from Button Mashing and adorable stickers from DarkChibiShadow!!

I hope I can go again next year! And maybe actually go and see celebrities. I'm always so nervous to leave my booth but the guy who played Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy was there and I really really wanted to see him.

I'm not even done yet! @^@ I'm heading back up to portland in a week to participate in Riona's Cave of Treasures. It's an artisan craft faire that'll happen on the 7th of Feburary. I need to attempt to replenish some stock before then! It's an all around faire: fantasy, sci-fi, anime, games, other fandom, you name it it's in the description. It should prove pretty interesting!

Riona is a very nice woman, and I hope the Faire goes well. It was supposed to start last year but that was unfortunately when the giant blizzard hit and we were forced to cancel it. I was stuck in my hotel for a few days... but I had my best friend with me so it was fun. We went to the movies and brainstormed about stuff. Riona felt terrible about it and bought me dinner when she found out. @^@;; I told her she didn't have to but she insisted.

I'll be selling both my fandom stuff and my jewelry there! I haven't gone somewhere I felt comfortable selling my jewelry at in at least a year! (i usually have to choose between prints or jewelry. I can't pack both. But this time I have a CAR so I totally can!) So I'm pretty excited.

Once this is over I can relax for several months at least. I don't have anything for months.

... So yeah lmao I've been busy busy busy.
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